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Our Top 5 Tips To Start Single Use Plastic Free

1) Refuse plastic bags and take your own jute bag

Life of a jute bag is equal to 500 single use plastic bags. Our jute bags are made from natural jute fiber, completely biodegrade, unlike plastic bags that would be haunting the planet for a million years. So always remember to take your trusted jute bag when you head out to shop!

2) Buy in bulk to eliminate un-necessary  packaging

For your next purchase of cleaning materials, food and drink and other products, why not be more cost effective and buy in bulk? Bulk purchases tend to have less packaging in comparison to the product quantity and some stores will even let you bring your own container to refill, eliminating plastic packaging by 100%.

3) Avoid bottled water and take your own reusable bottle

Do you know that bottled water is less regulated than tap water, requires enormous resources to collect, bottle and ship it and most bottles are just filtered tap water anyway? So why waste your hard earned money on adding even more plastic to our environment! Get your self a reusable stainless steel or glass bottle and start refilling today.

4) Take your own cup to the coffee shop

We currently throw away a massive 2.5 billion coffee cups each year! Do you know that single use paper cups are actually lined with plastic? This results in the vast majority of cups ending up in landfill sites. That’s an awful lot of wasted energy and plastic pollution just for one hot drink. We could get rid of most of that waste by simply taking our own reusable coffee cups with us when we grab our caffeine fix. Some stores even offer a discount for bringing your own cup, so why wouldn’t you?

5) Avoid buying the worst plastics

All plastics and their pollution can cause harm, but did you know there are some worst offenders to avoid? The three most toxic plastics are Polyvinyl Chloride , Polystyrene and Polycarbonate as they can cause an array of harmful effects on our bodies.